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24 Hour Emergency Service

We offer 24 Hour Emergency Service for commercial and residential customers! We also offer Lockout Service for commercial, residential and automobiles. Due to the nature of lockouts, if we feel it is too far away for us to give you excellent service in a short time frame, we may recommend a reputable company that is in closer proximity to the… Continue reading

Is it really deadbolted?

Is it really deadbolted? What if you found out after years of dead bolting your doors, that they weren’t installed correctly and a burglar could access your home in a matter of seconds! Unfortunately, that is often the case! Lightning Lock Service can provide you with a Security Survey to determine if your locks are installed properly and also if… Continue reading


SECURITY is an inconvenience!Yes, this is what a customer told me recently and do you know what , they are right!It does take an extra few seconds to lock the extra lock, turn on your porch lights at night or off in the morning! My question back to them was: How would you feel if you found out that… Continue reading

When and why should you rekey your home or business?

Well, in simple terms, if you just purchased your home or business you should definitely rekey it so that the previous owners, their relatives and friends, possibly even your new neighbors don’t have a key to it. Many people say, “The previous owners moved to a different state so I’m not worried about them coming back in.” This may be… Continue reading

Signs to recognize a legitimate locksmith

Here are some simple items to look for before you hire a locksmith to determine whether they are legitimate or not!

Look closely at their advertisement and make sure you can clearly identify the name of their company!

Ask questions to see if they are at all familiar with your area and state!

Request an actual cost for work before… Continue reading

Consumer Alert!


Do yourself a favor and don’t be fooled by locksmith advertisements promising extremely low rates like $15.00, $19.00, $29.00 etc. These are scams and will cost dramatically more once you have them on location! They use many fake names such as $15 Locksmith, $19 Locksmith, $29 Locksmith, 24/7 Locksmith AND MANY OTHER FAKE NAMES. … Continue reading

FBI Says Most Break-ins while you’re gone!

According to the FBI, most break-ins occur while people are at work or school  and they typically try to gain entry from the side or back of the house. What this means is that the thief is trying to stay out of the public eye so any of those doors should be well protected. Ideally you should have 2… Continue reading