Consumer Alert!

iconstop-150x150BEWARE OF LOCKSMITH SCAMS!!!!

Do yourself a favor and don’t be fooled by locksmith advertisements promising extremely low rates like $15.00, $19.00, $29.00 etc. These are scams and will cost dramatically more once you have them on location! They use many fake names such as $15 Locksmith, $19 Locksmith, $29 Locksmith, 24/7 Locksmith AND MANY OTHER FAKE NAMES.     They saturate all the markets with the various names and tons of phone numbers so that they will keep the legitimate locksmiths from popping up on “Google” and the other search engines. The real name of this company is “Run Local” and it is based in Michigan.

There are also other companies that are doing the exact same thing under a variety of names and numbers. Just be cautious! If you’ve reached a legitimate locksmith they should be able to quote you an exact price for a LOCKOUT while on the telephone with them. If they won’t, or if they say, it is a $19.00 charge for the service call and small charge for the actual job then I would definitely call someone else because you will likely end up with a bill between $115 and $200.

This is a nationwide problem and they are ripping people off right and left so BUYER BEWARE, IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN IT PROBABLY IS!

If you are still in question then do yourself a favor and check them out at any city in the USA on “Google” and you will  likely find a list of the same ads that you saw in your area.

If you have dealt with one of these companies then please contact your local police!