These are devices that are required by fire safety and ADA on business and locations which hold a
certain quantity of people, usually 50 or more but it varies on the type of facility. They are push bar or crash bar devices and usually go on any rear door that remains locked during business […]

Food for thought! Ask yourself how much you paid for your home! Was it 75,000? Or maybe $150,000!

Possibly $300,000 to$500,000 or maybe even close to a million!

No matter what the cost, it is probably the single highest purchase amount  you will pay on an item.

Add the fact that you are […]

The holidays are fast approaching and people shopping at Brandon Town Center or in the plazas of Riverview will greatly increase. More than ever you must use extreme caution when you are shopping and be aware that there are crooks now who can break into your vehicles with sophisticated […]

Find a locksmith before you need a locksmith!?!? You are probably saying, “What does that mean Doug?” In simple terms, it means to do your research and find a LICENSED and INSURED locksmith in your local area that has a great reputation and that you can find a lot of background information […]

I know that this sounds odd, but I strongly recommend that you never set your keys down in public where they can be photographed. There is a company out there now where you can send a photo of both sides of a house key and they will mail you a new key for it. The company doing it does not feel […]

When you have to give your car key to a car wash, car service center, valet or any other place where you would supply a key, make sure that you have that key on a separate ring so that you are not giving them access to all of your keys. It is far to easy to either duplicate them or cut a key […]

Most people, including many handymen and contractors assume that the proper installation of a lock is simply putting it in the existing holes of the doors and its done. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The most expensive Medeco, Schlage Primus or Multi-lock high security locks can be […]

The most affordable way to change the locks on your home or business is to rekey them. The look of your locks will not change, we will simply replace all the interior pins of the lock so that new keys will work it and the old ones will not. We also will repair locks and replace parts if that […]

We proudly service commercial and residential customers. We pride ourselves on our fast, friendly and reliable service. Please take the time to read our reviews on our website, Angie’s List and We strongly recommend you always do your research when you select a service […]

We offer 24 Hour Emergency Service for commercial and residential customers! We also offer Lockout Service for commercial, residential and automobiles. Due to the nature of lockouts, if we feel it is too far away for us to give you excellent service in a short time frame, we may recommend a […]

Is it really deadbolted? What if you found out after years of dead bolting your doors, that they weren’t installed correctly and a burglar could access your home in a matter of seconds! Unfortunately, that is often the case! Lightning Lock Service can provide you with a Security Survey to […]

SECURITY is an inconvenience!Yes, this is what a customer told me recently and do you know what , they are right!It does take an extra few seconds to lock the extra lock, turn on your porch lights at night or off in the morning! My question back to them was: How would you feel if you found out […]

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