Panic/Exit Hardware

These are devices that are required by fire safety and ADA on businesses and locations which hold a certain quantity of people, usually 50, but can vary by type of facility.

They are push bar or crash bar devices and usually go on any rear
door that remain locked during business hours.

These devices require no more than 15 pounds of force to open the door.

We install panic exit hardware on doors and we also do repairs and adjustments!

Master Key System

What is a master key system, you may ask?

It is a system that we custom design for a customer with the intention of giving the top managers of a company a single key that works on every door, while giving employees keys that may only work an individual door.

You will find these in most hospitals, schools, nursing homes and large businesses. However, since they are customized for your specific needs, you may want to inquire about them regardless of the size of your business!

The ultimate goal of a master  key system is so that management, maintenance, housekeeping etc,  can carry as few keys as possible and still gain access to wherever they need to go within the building.

Commercial and Residential

We proudly service both homes and business. We pride ourselves on our fast, friendly and reliable service.

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I recommend you always do your research in advance when looking for a service company, especially a locksmith.

In fact, you should select the companies you will use in the future and program them into your phone. 

This way if you ever have an emergency, you can feel comfortable because you have already done your homework.

Re-keys and Repairs

The most affordable way to change the keys on your home or business is to re-key the locks.

The look of the lock will not change, we will simply remove the interior pins that make your existing keys work, and install new pins that match new keys.

We also repair locks whenever possible, as long as it is more cost effective for the customer!

Lock Installs

Most people, including many handymen and contractors, assume that the proper installation of a lock is simply installing it in the existing hole of the door frame and it’s done.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth! The most expensive Schlage Primus, Medeco or Multilock high-security locks can be almost worthless if not installed properly.

In the same sense, the cheapest of locks can be made much more secure with good installation, a reinforced strike plate and some long screws.

Proper installation is extremely important and can make the difference in an amateur thief opening your door in a matter of seconds or requiring them to work harder and inevitably moving on to the next house if it will take too long!