Lockouts (Car, Home & Business)

Lockouts occur when a customer has either lost a set of keys to car, home or business or, alternatively, locked them inside.

These days, a car lockout may not be as simple as it once was although it could be.

  • Car keys locked inside the car
  • Opening a car trunk

Getting into one’s home is vital but typically the customer is not as stranded as one is when they discover that they cannot get into their vehicle.

For a home lockout, this may be as simple as cutting a new key so that the customer can get into the house.

Yet, a home lockout can also involve window lock repair, replacement or installation as well since a customer may be experiencing an issue with the windows.

Finally, some home lockout services might actually dealing with lock issues on things inside the home such as a safe or security box for firearms or similar.

Commercial lockouts are also a big portion of locksmith lockout calls.

Commercial lockouts involve many of the same services one might see in a residential lockout.

These may involve door lock rekeying, key replacement or new lock installation.

However, with commercial lockouts, this might also involve changing interior mailboxes for the building tenants, unlocking or opening commercial safes or even unlocking file cabinets and similar office related furniture such as desk drawers.

Finally, commercial lockouts can also involve services as simple as cutting old unused padlocks that have no key or that cannot be opened with the key.

Increasingly, many commercial lockout service calls now involve servicing and programming/reprogramming of digital locks for the building’s tenants.