Lock Rekey and Repair Services

Just like any other part of your home, locks require regular maintenance and sometimes need to be replaced. 

Lightning Lock Service helps our customers maintain the quality of their locks.

Specializing in a wide range of locks, our technicians attend ongoing training to ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest technologies.

We can repair the locks on your doors or mailbox.

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Rekeying Solutions for Every Situation

Any time you move into a new home, you should rekey the locks.

You never know when the locks were last changed, how many copies of the keys have been made, and who might have a spare key.

You will rest easier knowing that no one can gain access to your home without your permission.

You might also consider rekeying the locks in your home anytime someone has had access to your keys for an extended period of time.

Whether you gave a spare key to a contractor, babysitter, pet sitter, or housekeeper that you no longer employ, rekeying the locks gives you the additional security of knowing no unauthorized people have keys to your home.

Rekeying after a roommate or other former resident moves out is also a common way to ensure your safety.

If you have lost a set of keys or can’t seem to remember who has one of your spares, it might be time to consider rekeying.

Our rekeying expertise extends beyond just residential services.

Lightning Lock Service can also rekey your business or vehicle to keep your employees and property safe.

When possible, we will rekey the lock cylinders, leaving your existing hardware intact.

This method is not always possible, but when it is, it is more cost-effective than replacing the entire lock hardware.

Added Flexibility with Master Keying

When it is time to rekey your locks, you might consider a master key system to give you added flexibility and prevent the need for future rekeying.

With a master key setup, each of your locks is keyed differently with one master key that opens all of the doors.

You can also key some of the doors the same way if you would like the same key to open multiple doors.

Master keying affords you the option to give housekeepers, contractors, pet sitters, and other visitors admission to only the part of your residence that they need to access.

Master key systems are great for larger houses or properties with additional buildings, including guest houses, pool houses, and garages. Small businesses, schools, churches, and retail spaces are also good candidates for master key systems.

Repairing Damaged and Broken Locks

A damaged lock is no longer a safe and secure lock. We get lots of calls from customers wondering if their lock needs to be repaired or replaced.

Sometimes a lock can become damaged due to a blow or significant pressure from the outside, but locks can also become fragile over long periods of frequent use.

When a lock is no longer functioning at its maximum potential, you will notice right away. You might feel more resistance than usual when you try to turn the key in the lock.

Some issues can be fixed with a little lubrication and some troubleshooting from you.

However, if you aren’t able to fix your lock issue easily, don’t hesitate to call us at (813) 643-6088

Lightning Lock Service will assess the state of your broken lock and determine whether it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Our trained locksmiths may need to adjust the strike plate or perform a more complex replacement of an interior component of the lock.

If you break a key in your lock, you will almost always need locksmith services to fix the issue.

Our technicians are experienced in removing broken keys from locks manually and using a key extractor tool when necessary.