Master Key Systems

What is a Master Key System, you might ask?

A master key system will help keep your organization organized, it creates control who has access to which rooms and doors.

All locks and type of entries can be secured with a master key system, your main entrance, internal doors and garage doors can be opened with one single key.

It is a key system that we custom design for a customer with the intention of giving top management of a company a single key that works every door, while giving employees keys that may only work on an individual door.

You will find these in most hospitals, schools, nursing homes and large businesses.

However, since they are customized for your specific needs, you may want to inquire about them regardless of the size of your business.

The ultimate goal of a master key system is that management, maintenance, housekeeping etc, carry as few keys as possible to gain access to wherever they need to go within a building.

Benefits of a Master Key System

Security: With a master key system in place you can restrict access to rooms and doors that someone has access to. If you have an employee with a master key and this employee would for some reason not work there anymore, it’s advisable to rekey the locks the master key has access to.

Because the key belongs to a master key system the rekeying of door looks only applies to a specific set of doors and not all doors in the facility.

This will help keep your costs down as well aside from the security exposure.


Naturally one major convenience is that as business owner, senior staff manager or anyone with elevated company priviliges won’t have to walk around with a huge amount of keys in order to access different doors.