Use caution when shopping and storing items in your cars!

The holidays are fast approaching and people shopping at Brandon Town Center or in the plazas of Riverview will greatly increase. More than ever you must use extreme caution when you are shopping and be aware that there are crooks now who can break into your vehicles with sophisticated electronic ‘scanner boxes”. These boxes can deduce the frequency codes and pop the locks on a large number of late-model cars which are equipped with keyless remote entry systems. This allows thieves easy pickings to personal property inside the passenger cabin, glove box and trunk. There is no broken glass, no alarm going off so the thief can take his or her time and empty the contents of a car without even drawing any suspicions on themselves. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) estimates that there are over a Billion dollars worth of merchandise taken from parked cars each year. The fact is that even though actual car thefts are down because of the chip advancements in the keys and ignitions of most new model cars, these same electronic remotes are susceptible to modern day burglars looking for valuables that people store in their cars. The NICB strongly recommends that you never leave personal possessions in plain sight within a parked car, especially portable GPS systems and radar detectors, computers, Ipads or evenany cords or charges. obviously , even the dumbest of crooks can deduce that if thier is a electronics cord plugged in that the electronic device to go with it could be inside as well. they also recommend that when you are shopping that you not drop off a load of goodies in your car, even though hidden and return inside to purchase more. If a crook is lurking nearby they will be full aware that your car is ripe for the picking! If you must do this, secure your items in a hidden place and move your car to a different place, say on the other side of the mall and proceed like you are just beginning your shopping.
This is just another friendly security tip from Lightning Lock Service where Fast, Friendly and Reliable is not just our motto, it’s our guarentee!