Well, in simple terms, if you just purchased your home or business you should definitely rekey it so that the previous owners, their relatives and friends, possibly even your new neighbors don’t have a key to it. Many people say, “The previous owners moved to a different state so I’m not […]

Here are some simple items to look for before you hire a locksmith to determine whether they are legitimate or not!

Look closely at their advertisement and make sure you can clearly identify the name of their company!

Ask questions to see if they are at all familiar with your area and […]


Do yourself a favor and don’t be fooled by locksmith advertisements promising extremely low rates like $15.00, $19.00, $29.00 etc. These are scams and will cost dramatically more once you have them on location! They use many fake names such as $15 Locksmith, […]

According to the FBI, most break-ins occur while people are at work or school  and they typically try to gain entry from the side or back of the house. What this means is that the thief is trying to stay out of the public eye so any of those doors should be well protected. Ideally you should […]

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