FBI Says Most Break-ins while you’re gone!

According to the FBI, most break-ins occur while people are at work or school  and they typically try to gain entry from the side or back of the house. What this means is that the thief is trying to stay out of the public eye so any of those doors should be well protected. Ideally you should have 2 point locking which means a knob and a deadbolt. If you only have 1 key lock, it should be a deadbolt with a passage knob below. A key in knob should never be your sole source of security unless it is an interior office or bedroom door. More often than not, the know strike has not been adjusted properly for the dead latch to perform properly to prevent credit card access. A credible locksmith can easily test this for you and make corrections as needed. In fact, in many cases  the deadbolt strikes are not installed properly and can be easily accessed as well.
If you have a fenced in yard then you should certainly have locks on the gates to prevent thieves from having easy access to a hidden area. “Remember, a burglars worst enemy is time!” If it is easier to just move on to the next house, they definitely will.
If you have sliding doors then you should definitely have added security licks such as pins, Charlie bars or deadbolts put on them. Many times the easiest doors to access are sliders. In Florida, most sliding doors open from both directions which make the extremely vulnerable. You should have yours checked to see which added security will best suit your need.
We strongly recommend that the door from your garage to your house has a deadbolt on it as well. Once again, if the burglar gains access to that point, they are hidden from public view.
At night time we highly recommend that you have exterior lights that light up your house well to remove the temptation of intrusion. If an intruder sees too many obstacles to contend with, chances are they will just move on.