Signs to recognize a legitimate locksmith

Here are some simple items to look for before you hire a locksmith to determine whether they are legitimate or not!

Look closely at their advertisement and make sure you can clearly identify the name of their company!

Ask questions to see if they are at all familiar with your area and state!

Request an actual cost for work before you authorize it to be done!

Insist on an itemized invoice for all jobs and make sure their invoice name actually matches their business card!

Many legitimate locksmiths will run emergency lockouts in their personal vehicles on nights and weekends but on weekdays most will arrive in a clearly marked vehicle.

When you call them and they don’t use the specific name of their company when they answer the phone and they just answer “Locksmith” or something vague then you should question them on the true name of their company. Many unscrupulous individuals will operate under a variety of business names so you will immediately trip them up!