Your single highest purchase item!

Food for thought! Ask yourself how much you paid for your home! Was it 75,000? Or maybe $150,000!

Possibly $300,000 to$500,000 or maybe even close to a million!

No matter what the cost, it is probably the single highest purchase amount  you will pay on an item.

Add the fact that you are entrusting it to keep your family safe from harm and your valuables secure from burglary!

Now, knowing all that, what have you done extra to secure your property?

Many of us will spend $100 a month to ensure our vehicles, $50 a month for that gym membership, maybe even $50 to $100 a month on annual park passes or even the additional expenses of upgrading our computers or electronics.

And let’s not forget how much we pay for our cell phone services.

Yet, when it comes down to it, the one thing that is securing our family and assets 24/7 can be an inexpensive, improperly installed lock which was bought from the home store or maybe the builder installed.

Wouldn’t it make sense to have a professional security specialist check out YOUR home and see if they can help increase your safety and protection against any wrong doing?

And wouldn’t it especially make sense to be certain that you know every person who has a key to YOUR property?

Remember, you can get a copy of a key at a store for only a few dollars, well so can that cleaning person that you fired, or maybe the neighbor who you are having issues with!

Or the any number of realtors, maintenance people or others who knew the previous owners of YOUR home and may still have a key!

When you start adding up the value as compared to the expense of having your home secured, I think you’ll find that it is well worth it!

If you think about it, shouldn’t your single most important and expensive purchase be worth at least as much as a park pass or a gym membership?

Realistically, in total it probably won’t even cost that much but wouldn’t it be worth it if it did?